Alessia Amore

Alessia Amore
Hair Color
Light Brown
Eye color
5.4 ft
114 lb
  • English
About Me
“Smooth Bronze Skin on a Tight & Fit Body - Feminine & Curvy - The Intellect to Intrigue & The Charisma to Captivate!”

I am your discreet, very engaging, and attractive escort. I am South-European, but mainly raised in this great city. Facially, I have an exotic appearance but it’s hard to guess my exact background, so it has been said. Generally, I am described as fun, unique, and energetic. Sum me up as bubbly, cuddly and an enigmatically addictive! Somewhat of an intellectual at heart, I still have an unquenchable thirst for exciting adventures or a good party! My personality makes a person feel at ease and smile, but my body may have the thoughts wander ;). I have been a winner of many bikini and fitness competitions, but now I turned to daily yoga and meditation to remain strong, toned, and mindful.

My lips are soft, luscious and temptingly kissable. I have warm, expressive, big eyes, with a spark of seduction. I see the “glass as half full” so my personality is open and optimistic. Rarely a dull moment, my sense of humour complements my genuine smile with dimples and sincere laugh!

As a good listener, romantic, and kind person, I provide the sweet companionship. I am also very comfortable with my own body and within my skin, which will be evident once we have our date. Let’s go with the flow and allow our time to proceed naturally as we are getting better acquainted. Although I provide the GFE, PSE and mild fetishes, no expectations are necessary, but the anticipation of a fun time. Our time together is for you to explore your fantasies, escape the mundane routine and any stress, when you arrive at my place, I visit yours, or we connect online. 

I look forward to hearing from you! XOXO
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